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Free Hair & Scalp Analysis Schedule May 2013

One of the value-added services that we provide in promoting hair and scalp health awareness, is through the free clinic activities that we conduct monthly on selected drugstores. These free clinics are intended to help you monitor the progress of your Novuhair treatment. Our trained promodizers will assist you in getting a closer look at […]

The Evil Called Procrastination

One of the most overwhelming evils of a person’s daily life is this gigantic monster called procrastination. It keeps you unmoving; it destroys schedules, distracts you from your goals, and ultimately makes you feel frustrated at the end of the day. But, procrastination is a deliberate act of choosing another task over a more important […]

Hair Loss, The Second Encounter: Three Common Types

You’ve had consistent hair fall, you’re losing hair in patches – are you going to go completely bald? When? How? Why? It’s easy to dismiss these symptoms as the precursor to the possible ‘doomsday’ of your hair, and many label it simply as alopecia. True though, the word alopecia stands for hair loss. However, alopecia […]

Resolutions: How to Know You Are Off to a Good Start

Last New Year’s Eve, amidst the fireworks, overflowing wine and fresh beats, you made a variety of resolves for 2013 that will change your life. Now that we’re well on our way to ending February, what have you done so far? Just in case you find yourself at a loss for words, here are the […]

5 Tips to Help Build Self-Confidence in 5 Minutes

Big presentations, giving a speech on stage, job interviews – these are some of the situations that can unnerve a good number of otherwise well-rounded individuals. Others soar above the intense pressure, while some just hopelessly falter. So how do you make sure to stay composed when it is, finally, crunch time? Read on and […]