It doesn’t matter if it’s a trip to the beach, out-of-town, a business trip, or just plain and simple weekend adventure. We all need to groom ourselves and be hygienic. We can be as outgoing as we can be, but we still need to bring the essentials to bring out the confidence and make us […]


Rainy season has officially started. Some studies have shown that rainwater may be harmful to our crowning glory. Each hair strand is comprised of long bundles of keratin proteins. Keratin proteins act as an external protective protein in the cuticle (the outer layer of a hair strand) and an internal structural protein in the cortex […]


GOING NATURAL: The Hans Palacios Novuhair-story

Hans Palacios candidly refers to his past life, as he calls his younger years, as the dark ages. It bore no resemblance to his current state of mind and well-being. Physically, he felt like an old man, with so many pains and ache for his age. Until he discovered the wonders of a natural food supplement […]

The Newcomer to Your Routine

When it comes to looking good and maintaining our figure, we all have our routines: eat healthily, exercise regularly, cleanse, tone and moisturize. When it comes to hair care however, our commitment to routine varies. Some of us prefer hair we can wash and wear. Others like to spend more time working their mane: blow […]