Nutramedica Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company. The year 2004 saw its incorporation from merely a distributor of pharmaceutical products to a developer of its own formulated health, beauty and wellness products.

With health and wellness of the people on top of its mind, it is envisioned to be the chosen and trusted partner of every community. The firm is focused on developing and marketing herbal supplements and biocosmetic products at par with international standards.
Early 2000 when virgin coconut oil (VCO) was a hype, Nutramedica was one of the pioneering homegrown companies to successfully market and sell it nationwide. To wit, its very own branded product called CocoZen (VCO + essential oils bath and body oil) won the Best Product Category during the 4th Coconut Week Festival celebration of the Philippine Coconut Authority in 2005.
Since then, there’s no stopping Nutramedica from further success and growth. As an added feather on its cap, it owns the proprietary formula and trademark of NOVUHAIR. This revolutionary line of hair loss remedy products developed and marketed by such a purely Filipino-owned company has been available in the domestic retail market since 2010.
Not only that it has etched its leading position in the hair loss/hair remedy segment of the local hair care market to date, NOVUHAIR was also feted consistently by Watsons as the Most Successful New Brand of the Year (2012) and Medicated Hair Care Brand of the Year (2012-2015).
The company’s visionary president and chief executive officer, Sheila Mae Velilla, is, likewise, award-winning as her own creations. She’s among the recipients of the much coveted AGORA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship, medium scale category, in October 26, 2016.
Continuously living up to its thrust of bringing quality life to Filipinos wherever they are, Nutramedica offers them a cornucopia of pharmaceutical products sourced from leading manufacturers both here and abroad—Taiwan, Korea and Thailand. It also has a vast network of distributors nationwide. Expanding the company’s footprint in the global export market, signature product NOVUHAIR is now available in Kuwait and the United States of America.

Like the common factors that spawn hair loss, finding the right solution to your hair woes is one confusing process that could only worsen the trouble. Before, most of the products available in the market offer empty promises, temporary and even expensive solutions to address the problem of hair loss. Now, nature has provided a safe and effective solution, NOVUHAIR® – NATURE’S ANSWER TO HAIR LOSS!

NOVUHAIR® TOPICAL SCALP LOTION is a unique combination of 19 natural ingredients and essential oils formulated to stop hair loss, proudly Philippine-made, developed by expert scientists and researchers, clinically proven safe and effective, produced in accordance to the highest quality specifications of the industry, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered, certified Halal by the Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines, Inc. (IDCP) and 100% compliant to the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD).

NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion is highly recommended to men and women, 12 years old and above, who are experiencing excessive hair loss, hair thinning and bald patches. It’s also strongly suggested to those who want to regain hair luster and vibrancy, stimulate hair growth, those who are looking for a natural alternative solution to prevent dandruff and scalp itchiness and to those who are in need of cleansing and detoxification.

Hair Growth Stimulators with Blood Circulation Enhancers


Zingiber Officinale (Ginger)
enhances blood circulation, a hair bulb nutrient and stimulant, exhibits antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, prevents hair fall and an effective hair grower.

Moringa Oleifera (Horse Radish Leaf)
contains a Sulphur compound called thiocyanate which has high affinity to the hair bulbs and prevents hair fall.

Centella Asiatica (Indian Pennywort)
improves blood circulation, fights environmental aggression, free radicals and oxidation and naturally promotes hair growth.

Cocos Mamillaris (Virgin Coconut Oil)
improves blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles to promote hair growth, controls dandruff, moisturizes scalp, clears away dirt upon skin contact and brings out healthy hair.

Panax Ginseng (Ginseng)
has nourishing effects on the skin and scalp, believed to stimulate hair growth, prevents hair fall and aids in the blood circulation.

Phyllanthus Emblica (Indian Gooseberry)
prevents hair loss, nourishes the hair and scalp, prevents hair graying, and helps stimulate hair growth.

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera)
is a hair conditioning agent, hair growth stimulant with anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which fight against hair loss.

Piper Nigrum/Longum (Black Pepper)
detoxifies, disinfects, stimulates and improves blood circulation.

Biotin (Vitamin H)
is a “hair-and-nail vitamin” that nourishes and strengthens hair, promotes healthy hair and skin, and significantly prevents hair loss.

Dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5)
is an important hair and skin nutrient that supports rejuvenation, longevity and has been scientifically linked to help prevent hair loss and gray hair.

Acacia Concinna (Shikakai)
cleanses the scalp, reduces hair fall, prevents dandruff and helps promote hair growth.

Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass)
cleanses, disinfects, refreshes scalp pores and exhibits anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint)
provides cooling effect, slows down the growth of bacteria and fungi, refreshing the scalp and relieves itching.

Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower)
protects, nourishes, hydrates, softens, firms and conditions the hair, and promotes a healthy environment for hair growth.

Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender)
disinfects, enhances blood circulation in the scalp, combats dandruff and helps stimulate hair growth.

Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary)
disinfects, enhances blood circulation in the scalp, combats dandruff and helps stimulate hair growth.

is a humectant which retains the skin’s natural moisture.

Natural Ethyl Alcohol
acts as a safe preservative and solvent which doesn’t cause irritations or allergies to the skin as compared with regular alcohols.

Distilled Water
acts as a pure and safe solvent.

NOVUHAIR® HERBAL SHAMPOO has been specially developed to prepare your scalp in an optimal way for the application of NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion to enhance its effect and bring back the vibrance and luster of your hair.

NOVUHAIR® Herbal Shampoo contains pure botanical extracts contributing to a healthy hair and scalp such as Moringa Oleifera (Horse Radish Leaf), Phyllanthus Emblica (Indian Gooseberry), Dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5), Biotin, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower), Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper), Cocos Mamillaris (Virgin Coconut Oil), Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary), Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender) and Distilled Water.

NOVUHAIR® HERBAL CONDITIONER has been formulated specially to complement the use of NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion and NOVUHAIR® Herbal Shampoo.

NOVUHAIR® Herbal Conditioner contains standardized herbal extracts which moisturize and condition your hair giving it a shinier, softer and supple look such as Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Cocos Mamillaris (Virgin Coconut Oil), Panax Ginseng (Ginseng), Zingiber Officinale (Ginger), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Vitamin E Acetate, Glycine Soja (Soy Bean) Germ Extract, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Extract, Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary), Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender), Propanediol and Distilled Water.