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Novuhair® boasts of natural herbs,
essential oils and co-factor nutrients used for centuries, proven safe and effective in treating hair problems.

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About Novuhair

Like the common factors that spawn hair fall, finding the right solution to your hair woes is one confusing process that could only worsen the trouble. Most of the products currently available offer empty promises, temporary and even expensive solutions to address hair loss problems. Now, nature has provided a truly safe and effective answer to hair loss and other scalp disorders – NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion and NOVUHAIR® Herbal Shampoo.

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  • JULS -Philippines

    JULS -Philippines ·

    Hi Mr. Editor,nakaka-2 bottles na po ako ng NOVUHAIR at nakakatuwa na naging healthy na ulit ang scalp ko, mula sa shiny scalp ngayon ay chicken skin na siya… madaming tumutubo na hair…

  • MARLON -Kuala Lumpur

    MARLON -Kuala Lumpur ·

    Hello, I have been using Novuhair for less than 2 months. I am actually based here in Kuala Lumpur so I make sure to buy extra bottle every time I fly back to Philippines. I have to admit that my … Continue reading »

  • Jun Flores Apolinar – 28, Makati City, Philippines

    Jun Flores Apolinar – 28, Makati City, Philippines · 28, Makati City, Philippines

    I have been using Novuhair topical scalp lotion since May 26, 2010 to be exact. Since then, I see a significant effect on my hair. Before, I can’t control the falling of my hair which resulted to my problem. I‘ve … Continue reading »

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