FACT. Worrying about all those hair in the drainage every time you shower? Or those little clumps left behind after brushing? No need to panic. Falling hair is normal even if it happens everyday. Hair shedding occurs on a daily basis at an average of 50 to 100 hair strands, even going up to 150 strands in some women. Normal hair shedding happens when old hair fall out so new hair may grow in its place. But if you notice large clumps of hair regularly coming out, visit your doctor right away just to make sure it’s nothing beyond normal.


FLYING HIGH:A Novuhair Hairstory

Anna Florres was living the life she’s always dreamed about. Her work as a flight attendant took her to many countries and gave her the opportunity to experience different cultures, a luxury she thoroughly enjoyed. The schedule may be gruelling and sometimes takes its toll on her health, but she did not mind in exchange for the many perks of her job.

After leaving the airline industry, Anna Florres switched to her true passion – events planning and management. Her family and friends could not be more supportive of her decision. She was always known to organize the best parties – from simple and intimate dinners at home to her best friend’s wedding. It didn’t take long for Anna Florres to make a name for herself as one of the top events planner in her area. Her schedule was booked many months ahead.

The long hours, lack of proper rest and stress eventually affected Anna Florres’s health and often made her sick. Her hair started falling off but still, she wouldn’t slow down. Until one day, she received devastating news from her doctor that would change her life forever. She had an early stage breast cancer.

Arlene immediately underwent treatment. Her body reacted positively to the chemotherapy and she eventually went into remission. But her hair was not as lucky. Almost all of her hair had fallen off. She started using wigs until a friend urged her to try NOVUHAIR® after seeing its ad on the back of a bus. Figuring she had nothing to lose by trying, Anna Florres gave NOVUHAIR® a try even though she didn’t particularly like the smell.

Three months after using NOVUHAIR®, Anna Florres noticed significant hair regrowth. Her hair was starting to return to its normal state – thick, full and shiny, just like when she was still working as a flight attendant. Pretty soon, she was ditching her wigs and heading out with her “new hair.”

Now at 45 years old, Anna Florres is cancer-free and wears her dark, shiny, and healthy hair in a chic bob. She still plans and throws the most amazing events but she’s taking it slow. She also continues to be a loyal NOVUHAIR® user.


Answer: FACT.  Worrying about all those hair in the drainage every time you shower? Or those little clumps left behind after brushing? No need to panic.  Falling hair is normal even if it happens everyday. Hair shedding occurs on a daily basis at an average of 50 to 100 hair strands, even going up to 150 strands in some women.  Normal hair shedding happens when old hair fall out so new hair may grow in its place. But if you notice large clumps of hair regularly coming out, visit your doctor right away just to make sure it’s nothing beyond normal.


A Tale of Style: Tim Yap on Preventing Hair Fall, the Natural Way

A Tale of Style: Tim Yap on Preventing Hair Fall, the Natural Way

MANILA –  Meet Tim Yap, the newest ambassador of NOVUHAIR®, nature’s answer to hair loss.

If the name rings a bell, that’s because Tim also happens to be the style icon that hosts on TV and produces some of the most talked-about events in town. Yes, that Tim Yap.  Today, he joins the growing ensemble of personalities who swear by NOVUHAIR®’s efficacy – and reveals to us why he’s never looking back.

The Cost of Style
An influential figure in both Manila’s showbiz industry and elite social circles, Tim has donned an eclectic range of hairstyles throughout his career, from long and short cuts to straight and wavy fares, to dyed looks and fringed bangs. Unfortunately, going the extra mile in looks and style comes at a cost.  Eventually, all the styling took a toll on his mane, leading to one fateful morning when his pillow and shower drain gathered more hair than usual.  It didn’t help that members of Tim’s own family, including his dad and brother, suffered naturally from hair loss.  At such a point in his career, Tim couldn’t possibly go the route of losing more hair.

The introduction to NOVUHAIR® came during a jog with good friend Kim ‘Kuya Kim’ Atienza, who managed to convince the skeptical Tim to give the product a try.

Within just 14 days of continued use, the results were enough to change a mind. NOVUHAIR®, Tim knew, was working as promised.  Soon he was waking up to less fallen hair on the pillow.  Drainage flowed better in the shower.  In the mirror, not only did it appear that his scalp was growing more hair – it all looked like thicker and fuller, as well.

Tim knows he has found the real deal when it comes to addressing hair loss.  “My hair is my statement,” he says.  “My style is bold, but never bald.”  For Tim, living fully means living with a full head of hair – the crowning glory that is evident of one’s healthily cared-for scalp.

The Undeniable Power of Nature
NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion, Herbal Shampoo, and Herbal Conditioner, are all made with herbal ingredients that collectively combat hair fall.  These ingredients – which include moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, virgin coconut oil and the essential oils of rose-mary, lavender and peppermint – help increase nutrition and enhance blood circulation to the scalp, reducing the rate of hair fall whilst spurring hair growth.

NOVUHAIR® is available as a Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo, and Conditioner.  Purchase the Scalp Lotion individually, or any one of the following combo packs from Mercury Drug Stores and all leading drug stores nationwide: a NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion & Herbal Shampoo set; a 3-in-1 Pack inclusive of NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion, Herbal Shampoo, and Herbal Conditioner; and a 2-in-1 Plus One Pack inclusive of two bottles of one bottle of Topical Scalp Lotion and two bottles of NOVUHAIR® Herbal Shampoo.

For more information, visit, Like the brand’s official Facebook Page, Novuhair Official and follow @NovuhairNatural on Twitter. You may also call the following hotlines: 413-6570 and 0922-883-0575.


Singer & women’s support group founder on hair loss Novuhair @ Rated K September 29, 2013


For singer Abby Asistio, hair loss is nothing new.
Suffering from alopecia since the age of four,
she is familiar with the way hair fall leaves
large, empty patches on the scalp.

Asistio has lived a lot of her life in a wig
after trying a chemical-based hair loss treatment
that did not work.

Though a time came when she stopped hiding the problem.
she founded a support group of women without hair
As a woman suffering from hair loss,
for women without hair.
And then, with the same courage,
Asistio joined a singing contest without her wig.

But this isn’t a story of acceptance at its end.
has found not only the strength and courage to embrace
This is a story where Asistio
all that she is –
but also a way to be even better.

Even through something as simple as restoring her hair.

Join Asistio this Sunday,
September 29 at 7.30PM on Rated K
to hear her story
and discover the answer to hair loss
that has made a difference in her life.

Here’s a clue:

it comes from nature itself.

Don’t miss it!

Bad Habits To Break So You Can Prevent Hair Loss

Bad Habits to Break So You Can Prevent Hair Loss

What one does on a daily basis may seem trivial, but these little things are actually what affect the bigger picture. So while it’s much easier to blame hair loss to genetics and other ‘mythical causes’, one cannot deny that personal hair care habits also take front rein in causing hair fall – and eventually bald patches.

Have you ever thought that a part of your favorite morning routine may cause an increase in hair fall? Did you ever consider your preferred pastime as a trigger for your hair loss problems? Perhaps not – or you’re just in denial. Either way, getting rid of these nasty habits that wreak havoc on your hair and scalp should be on your must-do list:

1. Too much use of chemical hair care products.

That bottle may promise shiny, smooth, soft, and healthy hair – but it doesn’t necessarily say it will always deliver the truth. Chemical hair care products due to its contents, tend to dry out hair instead of nourishing it. This is true especially after long periods of use. Shampooing everyday may seem like the aesthetic ideal for your hair, but you may want to ease up on it to prevent hair fall. Better yet, consider using non-chemical shampoos like Novuhair Herbal Shampoo, which contains natural active ingredients and Novuhair Herbal Conditioner which contains standardized herbal extracts which moisturize and condition your hair giving it a shinier, softer and supple look.

2. Unhealthy diet and lack of sleep.

Did you know that your scalp is part of your skin? So naturally, whatever you ingest, and the stresses you place on your body manifests through it too – affecting how your strands look, and how your hair grows. A lack of proper nutrients and rest can cause your hormones to go haywire, and can possibly trigger increase in hair fall. If you are genetically predisposed to alopecia (hair loss), then your neglect of what you eat and how much rest you get can trigger it to kick in earlier than expected.

3. Over styling hair.

Whether you want sexy curls or posh, stick-straight hair, the wonders of technology (aka curler, blow dryer, straightening iron) can help you. Styling tools and techniques (eg. hair weaves, braids, etc.), definitely let you get a daily ‘makeover’. Unfortunately, they also place stress on your hair and can possibly cause an increase in hair fall. Or worse, it can lead to traction alopecia, a kind of gradual hair loss caused by an excess of pulling force applied to the hair.

As much as possible, show off your hair’s beauty sans the styling techniques. Instead of planning out your next hairstyle, work on making your locks healthy and beautiful through the use of nature-based products like Novuhair’s 3-in-1 pack.

Hair Loss, The Second Encounter: Three Common Types

You’ve had consistent hair fall, you’re losing hair in patches – are you going to go completely bald? When? How? Why? It’s easy to dismiss these symptoms as the precursor to the possible ‘doomsday’ of your hair, and many label it simply as alopecia.

True though, the word alopecia stands for hair loss. However, alopecia manifests itself in different ways, and knowing which type of hair loss you have is one big step towards understanding how to manage or treat it.

Here are the three most common types of alopecia or hair loss:

Alopecia Areata1. Alopecia Areata – This has to be one of the most popular hair loss types. It manifests with hair loss in patches. Most of the time, the patches are rounded, and are about an inch in size when it’s just starting. It is believed to be an auto-immune disease where the immune system regards the hair follicles as ‘foreign’, and in turn attacks them, disabling them from to producing hair.

A variety of cream treatments like Dithranol and Cortocosteroids have surfaced, but those with natural active ingredients like Novuhair 3-in-1 pack (Topical Scalp Lotion, Herbal Shampoo and Herbal Conditioner) can also help serve as a safe and effective alternative.

Androgenetic Alopecia2. Androgenetic Alopecia – More commonly known as male pattern baldness (or female pattern baldness), this kind of alopecia is so named because it’s a genetically predisposed condition. Men who are affected by this usually experience the onset of hair loss as early as their teen years, while the thinning in women’s hair is experienced at around their 40’s. It normally manifests with a receding hairline.

There are chemical-based treatments for this kind of alopecia and products with active natural ingredients like Novuhair 3-in-1 pack which aids in the treatment of this hair loss type.

Telogen Effluvium3. Telogen Effluvium –  Though not commonly heard of, this form of hair loss is actually something anyone can easily encounter at a certain point in their life. It occurs when an individual goes through a considerably extreme amount of stress, affecting one’s hormones and in turn the hair growth cycle, causing increased hair fall. This usually happens after child birth, in some cases when taking dieting drug, and causes also include severe emotional stress.

Treatment begins with resolving the stress trigger. Products like Novuhair 3-in-1 can also help in ‘re-activating’ the hair follicles, and promoting the smooth flow of the growth cycle.

Think your hair loss falls into one of these three most common types of alopecia? Don’t lose hope, safe and effective means that aid in alleviating hair loss are available in the Philippine market.

Novuhair: Not Just for Hair Loss by

I received an email a few weeks ago from the PR company representing Novuhair, my dad’s favorite anti-hairfall brand. Interestingly enough, the PR person clarified that she wasn’t reaching out to me to offend me in any way, since she wasn’t insinuating that I was suffering from hair loss. Apparently, although known as a product to treat hair loss, Novuhair can also be used as a hair maintenance product to keep hair and scalp healthy.

I actually found it funny that she thought she might be offending me with her email, but then again, I always wondered how do PR agencies handling weight loss, whitening and other self-improvement products or services approach bloggers without offending them. Answer: Very carefully.

Anyhoo, for the record, I wasn’t offended at all because there was a time in my life when I did suffer from hairfall. I was hopsitalized twice in two months for dengue fever and then amoebiasis, then when I got better, I found my hair was falling out at an alarming rate. As in I could see my scalp through the thinning hair at the back of my head. Scary stuff.

So yes, hairfall is more common than we all think and is not exclusive to men. Women do experience hairfall and thinning hair as well, so it shouldn’t be a cause of shame or embarassment.


MARLON – Kuala Lumpur

Hello, I have been using Novuhair for less than 2 months. I am actually based here in Kuala Lumpur so I make sure to buy extra bottle every time I fly back to Philippines. I have to admit that my hair fall has lessen and my baby hairs are already starting to grow back. I just want to ask the normal duration for these baby hairs to become thicker. Likewise, I would like to really monitor my hair and scalp’s condition. Do you have any free check up/scalp analysis in the Philippines? I am due to fly back this month and I would like to visit your place to have my hair and scalp checked and to likewise buy 2 more bottles. Can I as well get a discount or a voucher maybe? It would really mean so much to me. Hope to hear from you very soon. Thanks a lot.

Christell – Philippines

Hi, thank you for the advice it means a lot to me. Anyway, its been 3 weeks since the first time na ginamit ko yung Novuhair and continuous pa din yung paggamit ko, so 2 times a day/everyday. I noticed na ang daming improvement, first is yung hair fall ko nabawasan na then nawala na yung dandruff and of course the best thing is meron ng tumutubo at ang dami na. So I am very happy with the result using Novuhair. There are no regrets buying it! Thumbs up:)