GOING NATURAL: The Hans Palacios Novuhair-story

Hans Palacios candidly refers to his past life, as he calls his younger years, as the dark ages. It bore no resemblance to his current state of mind and well-being. Physically, he felt like an old man, with so many pains and ache for his age. Until he discovered the wonders of a natural food supplement that claims to protect the body from chronic diseases, among others.

Although hesitant and doubtful at first, he eventually tried it after numerous unsuccessful pain medications. Lo and behold, Hans felt like a new man – the numbing pain and aches were gone and he felt a rush of energy like never before.

Hans was overwhelmed by his experience that he started learning about natural therapies. Being an entrepreneur, he saw the great potential of nature-based products and therapies and started advocating natural health. Natural health is an alternative approach to health care that relies on the healing properties of nature to promote health and wellness of the mind and body.

Now in his late 40s, Hans has become of the country’s leading natural health advocates, juggling his advocacy with his roles as a family man and businessman. Five years ago, partly due to work-related stress and some of it genetic, Hans started to notice his receding hair line and thinning hair. While looking for a natural remedy to his hair issue, Hans’ friend, wellness guru and columnist Cory Quirino, told him about Novuhair.

Made of herbal ingredients like moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, aloe vera, and essences of rosemary and lavender, among others, Novuhair definitely met Hans’ standards. He was even more pleased when, after only two months of continued use, he saw unbelievably great results. His hair was becoming noticeably thicker and fuller, even his barber remarked on it. From then on, Hans has never looked back and continues to use Novuhair to this day.

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For a natural health advocate like Hans, his crowning glory deserves nothing less than Novuhair, nature’s answer to hair loss.



Wondering how to get picture perfect hair like those in shampoo commercials? Looking for ways to boost limp locks? Fret no more, you too can have commercial-ready hair right at your home. Here are just a few tips and tricks to add more body and bounce to your tresses.

1. Switch to hair-friendly products. Check the labels on your shampoo, conditioner and other styling products for ingredients that may cause more damage to your hair. Some products contain chemicals that strip off natural oils, causing the weakening and thinning of hair strands over time. Look for products made with natural and organic ingredients that protect and promote healthy hair plus some volumizing properties.

2. Load up on nutrient-rich food. Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet with nutrients essential for keeping your locks strong and shiny. Consume protein-laden food like eggs, milk, and cheese to strengthen the hair. A boost of Vitamin C from fruits also helps in adding more bounce to your mane. Iron, mostly found in red meat, also promotes faster hair growth for thicker hair.

3. Change the part of your hair. Part your hair differently than the usual. Simply switching your part to the opposite side instantly adds volume to the roots of your hair, whereas donning the same part every day tends to flatten the hair.

4. Pair the right styling tools and techniques. Ditch the flat brush and opt for a rounded one to achieve more fullness, starting at the roots. And when blow drying your hair, try this volume-enhancing technique – flip your hair over and start at the nape moving towards the crown of your head.

5. Go classic with rollers. Give your tresses an instant lift with classic velcro or snap-on rollers. When hair is dry, take sections of your hair and wrap them around the rollers. Leave them on for a few minutes, mildly heat using a blow dryer and once hair is cool, remove the rollers. Smoothly run your hands through your hair and you’re ready to hit the door.