Sophia M. Adler – 44, Toronto, Canada

Hello Novuhair. Thank you very much for developing such a wonderful product. My husband and I had the opportunity to visit my family in Aklan last year, September 2010. We went to Boracay for a vacation and at the same time bond with my former employer who owns one of the resorts there. I was […] – Philippines

Hello! i just want to say how effective the product is. I’ve been using it for almost 1 yr, it really stopped my hair loss. Dati mga 50+ strands ang nakikita ko but now not more than 20 nalang. I stopped using it for 3 months kc medyo mahal but below 20 strands parin. Pansin […]

Jingle Bello – Philippines

Good day sir. I was so amazed with Novuhair. I have been using the Novuhair lotion for 10 days now and i can see the differences: (1) No falling hairs (2) I can see the hair is starting to thicken (3) My hair is shiny now and manageable unlike before na buhaghag (4) Tumaas ang […]

Lani Lagoc – 39, Philippines

I’ve been a Novuhair… user since latter part of 2010. Excessive hair loss and the testimony of Fanny Serrano prompted me to try your product… Congratulations to Novuhair! You’re heaven sent. Novuhair really workswonders to my thinning hair, an answer to my prayer … Thank you so much!

Joey Nobello – New York, USA

For one month of using Novuhair, I’ve noticed that there’s an improvement. It works for me. Thanks to Novuhair! Keep up the good work!

Gerardo B. Blas – (OFW) Riyadh, KSA

Last year po ay nagbakasyon ako sa ‘Pinas at bago ako bumalik ng Riyadh, KSA, ay napadaan kami ng anak ko sa isang Mercury Drug at ang sabi ng eldest son ko ay Novuhair daw ang gamot sa problem kong buhok na nalulugas. Almost 22 years na rin akong nagsa Saudi kaya’t dahil sa maraming […]