Peter Mallari – (Medical Doctor) Philippines

“Napansin ko na yung buhok ko , starting in my mid-30s, na nalalaglag sa unan. Tapos sa drain sa banyo, pagnaligo ka, parang ang daming buhok. Tapos one time, I was in the US, the one that really struck was that, di ba sa America lahat naka-bath tub, eh mainit yung tubig… nagpanic ako kase […]

Cheryl Sauza – 31, Quezon City, Philippines

NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion is very effective. In one week I saw that my hair loss is almost gone, which I think I got from too much chemicals from salon treatments. I’m still using it as maintenance. I’m very happy with the result that’s why I’m recommending it to my friends. And they even have […]

Emerlina T. Mallari – (Senior Citizen), Philippines

I realized I was losing more than the usual number of hair in a day when my beautician told me one day that bald areas were visible already on my scalp. I decided using hair growers right away but to no avail. I even considered wearing wigs but my hair specialist recommended an all-natural product […]