It is normal that you think and plan about your everyday chores, errands and work. That is part of the adult life, but you must take into consideration that there is a big difference between healthy thinking and overthinking.
Healthy thinking includes how you think to function well on the things that you do, how you choose your clothes, basically all the things that you do on a normal basis. But, have you ever encountered that you ponder on a problem or situation that has a very simple solution, and yet you make things more complicated? You must be overthinking things.
But did you know that too much overthinking may lead to excessive hair loss? Overthinking is often associated with anxiety. You know that anxiety triggers bad chemical reactions on your body and one of these is excessive hair loss. Hair loss could be a serious condition and definitely affect how you feel and your overall confidence.
You should try loosen up, take a break, go on an out-of-town trip. Spend time with your family and friends. Enjoy the company of the people around you. These activities may help to lessen your overthinking problem.
On the other note, nature has the answer to address your hair related problems especially hair loss you got from overthinking. NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion’s 19 natural ingredients and essential oils increase the nutrition and blood circulation of the scalp, helps in the activation of hair follicles’ dermal papilla and promote stimulation of hair growth, especially when used as directed. A clinical study and numerous testimonials have proven NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion’s life-enhancing benefits of substantially reducing hair loss, while inducing new hair growth.


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    • Janine De Guzman
      Janine De Guzman says:

      Hello Jerico 🙂 Thanks for the inquiry.

      With consistent twice a day use, coupled with good personal hygiene and a conscious effort to embrace wellness, in 4 months, you can look forward to the benefits of the NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion in preventing excessive hair loss, retard hair thinning, promote hair growth and improve the overall cosmetic properties of your hair. The result may vary from one person to another depending on your amount of commitment, frequency of usage and how much you embrace wellness as a lifestyle.

      Have a great day ahead!


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