GOING NATURAL: The Hans Palacios Novuhair-story

Hans Palacios candidly refers to his past life, as he calls his younger years, as the dark ages. It bore no resemblance to his current state of mind and well-being. Physically, he felt like an old man, with so many pains and ache for his age. Until he discovered the wonders of a natural food supplement […]


MY JOURNEY BACK TO HEALTHY HAIR: Abby Asistio’s Recovery from Alopecia

Singer-songwriter, TV host, and the poster girl for alopecia in the country, Abby Asistio is singing a happy tune nowadays. And it’s all because of those precious new strands of hair growing on her previously bald head. Diagnosed with alopecia areata since the age of four, an autoimmune condition characterized by the loss of hair […]


Kuya Kim: Hats Off to Novuhair!

IF anyone is to be trusted about caring for the mind and body, it’s “Kuya Kim” Atienza. Kuya Kim, who wears many hats as TV host, product endorser, weatherman, and athlete, is also a widely-acknowledged health and wellness advocate. Kuya Kim’s dedication to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle includes rigorous exercise regimens and trainings […]

FLYING HIGH:A Novuhair Hairstory

Anna Florres was living the life she’s always dreamed about. Her work as a flight attendant took her to many countries and gave her the opportunity to experience different cultures, a luxury she thoroughly enjoyed. The schedule may be gruelling and sometimes takes its toll on her health, but she did not mind in exchange […]

Abet Pano – 40, Chemical Engineer – Saudi Arabia

Actually, I have no complaints or whatsoever regarding your products. It is basically a testimonial on how these products helped me replenish my thinning hairline. I was so overwhelmed with the results as I’ve used these for 7 weeks now. As a proof, I have taken an image of my hair before and after using […]

Abby Asistio – Alopecia Warrior, Singer/Composer – Philippines

I’m one of the new breed of young artists to join Manila Genesis Entertainment & Management Inc. I’ve recently released my debut, self-penned single titled “Beautiful” which was arranged by Jay Durias of South Border. The single’s music video is directed by Joaquin Valdes and is currently enjoying massive airplay on Myx as well as […]