Best Life Lessons from Dad

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The concept of Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father Again” came from a poignant memory of his dad dancing at home with his kids. The message of the song centered on dads as most little girls’ first hero, a figure from whom they’ve molded their “ideal men” concept – the best person to protect their innocence.

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Of course, the little boys aren’t left behind. Usually they’ve started their first hobby with their dads – the person from whom they’ve learned how to play basketball and strategize on video games.

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Universally, dads are capable of giving the feeling of love and protection, from a pillar of strength to the family, to instilling discipline. These heroic actions spell the difference and carry out a significant impact in the growth and emotional development of their children – daughters and sons alike.

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More often than not, dads tend to underestimate the power of their love, support and encouragement, as well as their presence in the lives of their children. This stigma can be drawn from their conditioned belief and expectation to don superhero outfits inferred with informidable strength.

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But being referred to as a good dad is subjective and many of us are looking at stereotypical qualities in defining one. If you are in search of a dad who can make himself available 24/7 for you, then you may be disappointed. In this age where working long hours is required, quality time might be a challenge as most dads have to work to provide for their families.

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In some families, the absence of their dad (working overseas or has passed on), the son takes over the role in protecting the family and his actions depend largely on how he was molded early on. A good number of sons are influenced by their dads in terms of disposition and traits, as well as handling relationships with the rest of the family.

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