Hair Strands as Raw Material: Creative or Bizarre?

People worldwide spend billions each year just to keep and maintain a healthy hair while others make a big fortune using hair strands to create their masterpieces…

The role and function of the human hair is so powerful and significant throughout history. Samson stored his strength in his hair while Rapunzel used hers to help her prince sneak into her tower.

There are speculations that Donald Trump represents his wealth with a comb-over made from 40 karat gold while it’s been a proven fact that Madonna changes her hairstyle each comeback.

The hair may simply be a thing made of keratin and dead cells but must have affected a lot of men and women who have lost or have started losing it. People worldwide spend billions each year just to keep and maintain a healthy hair while others make a big fortune using hair strands to create masterpieces – creative in general but bizarre to some.

Aside from wigs, here are some of interesting finds online about products derived from hair strands.

Hair Strand 1 edited• Literally, a hair brush and a “Praying Mantis” sculpture made from human hair strands
• In celebration of the 60th founding anniversary of Communist China, Huang Xin (hairdresser) created a 3-foot replica of Beijing’s Gate of Heavenly Peace, Tiananmen Square, out of the hair of his customers.
• Phil McCrory collected human hair strands from local salons and stuffed them using his wife’s pair of pantyhose to help clean the Cosco Busan oil spill in 2007 at San Francisco Bay, USA.

Hair Strand 2• Pair of elastic socks made from human hair strands
• Hongshuai Soy Sauce from China promoted their product using amino acids derived from human hair swept from barber shop floors instead of getting the acid from soy and wheat.
• Acrylic suitcase with infused human hair in the resin
• Sculpture of Gollum – a fictional character in the children’s fantasy novel, The Hobbit, was introduced in 1937 and became a supporting character in its sequel, The Lord of the Rings.

Hair Strand 3

• “Hairy Obama” was created out of four kilos of human hair by Chinese hairdresser, Huang Xin, in honor of Obama’s visit to China. He spent seven days and seven nights to produce the sculpture.
• Wedding ring embedded with the hair strands of the dead ancestors
• Twisted human hair fibers made by Native Americans to make strong ropes
• Castle tower sculpture made from human hair strands.

Hair Strand 4• Pair of moccasins made from human hair stitched together
• Human hair weaved into a fabric and produced an evening gown
• Church sculpture
• Animal headdress

Hair Strand 5

• Occult Jam claims that one of its ingredients include the hair strands of Princess Diana. The product is up for sale at the Barbican Art Gallery in London.
• Hairy Teddy Bear
• Braided necklace

Hair Strand 6• Fashionable neckpiece made of human hair
• Zaira Pulido of Bogota, Columbia created various embroidered portraits of her friends using their own hair strands.
• Doumé Jalat-Dehen made a sweater out of her dogs’ hair strands. It took her seven years to collect the hair strands by gently brushing them regularly and saving what comes off.
• Mayuko from Japan created an ad for Adidas using human leg hair fonts.

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