Last New Year’s Eve, amidst the display of fireworks, overflowing wine and fresh beats, you’ve made a variety of resolves for 2018 that may help change your life. Now that you’re off to a good start, what have you done so far? Just in case you find yourself at a loss for words, here are the three most common resolutions and what you should have already done so far:

1. Leading a healthier lifestyle

According to Time Magazine, about 60% of gym memberships are unused, and attendance goes back to normal numbers by mid-February. Have you even used yours at all? If not, well, it’s still understandable. But by now, you should have at least had a good head start by increasing your physical activity on a daily basis. Walk instead of taking the car for short distances or simply waking up at least half an hour early for a morning jog.

How do you keep yourself on track? Monitor your weight on a weekly basis. If possible, have a workout or weight loss buddy who would go on the ‘journey’ with you to keep you motivated.

2. Looking better

You’ve promised yourself that you’ll look amazing this year. Whether it’s making your skin clearer or transforming your crowning glory to something shampoo commercial-worthy, what have you done so far to give yourself a makeover? Getting yourself a good haircut will make for an awesome start, and hopefully, you’ve also gotten into some good hair care habits.

Choose natural! Using a natural product like NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion, enriched with 19 natural ingredients, is one great way of helping keep your hair and scalp healthy and prevent hair loss. Optimize your NOVUHAIR experience and go for the NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack, which includes the herbal shampoo and conditioner.

3. Spending more time with the family

You partied and travelled so much last year, and this year you just want to make sure you give your family some love and attention. What have you put on schedule as of today? Here’s to hoping that you have cleared at least a day of your weekend to spend with them. If you haven’t gotten around to doing that yet, how about giving them at least an hour’s worth of quality bonding during your weekdays? It’s not much, but it does get you on track.

It’s too early to give up, and never too late to keep going with your New Year’s resolutions. Start with the positive changes today!

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