Singer & women’s support group founder on hair loss Novuhair @ Rated K September 29, 2013


For singer Abby Asistio, hair loss is nothing new.
Suffering from alopecia since the age of four,
she is familiar with the way hair fall leaves
large, empty patches on the scalp.

Asistio has lived a lot of her life in a wig
after trying a chemical-based hair loss treatment
that did not work.

Though a time came when she stopped hiding the problem.
she founded a support group of women without hair
As a woman suffering from hair loss,
for women without hair.
And then, with the same courage,
Asistio joined a singing contest without her wig.

But this isn’t a story of acceptance at its end.
has found not only the strength and courage to embrace
This is a story where Asistio
all that she is –
but also a way to be even better.

Even through something as simple as restoring her hair.

Join Asistio this Sunday,
September 29 at 7.30PM on Rated K
to hear her story
and discover the answer to hair loss
that has made a difference in her life.

Here’s a clue:

it comes from nature itself.

Don’t miss it!


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