The Evil Called Procrastination

One of the most overwhelming evils of a person’s daily life is this gigantic monster called procrastination. It keeps you unmoving; it destroys schedules, distracts you from your goals, and ultimately makes you feel frustrated at the end of the day.

But, procrastination is a deliberate act of choosing another task over a more important one, which means you have all the power in your own hands to remove it from the daily equation.

How do you do that? To help you out, the Novuhair team has put together some tips:

1. Sleep early, and wake up early.

Getting very little sleep makes a grumpy you the following morning. And this starts an avalanche of procrastination over important things that must be done during the first hours of your day. Best thing you can do? Get to bed early, and train yourself to wake up early too! Have a hearty breakfast and a then a cold revitalizing shower using products with natural active ingredients like Novuhair 3-in-1 pack – contains one bottle each of herbal shampoo, topical scalp lotion and herbal conditioner to provide you the optimum benefits of NOVUHAIR® natural hair loss solution. When used in combination, you’d experience an even better result than used individually. You’ll find just how helpful this is in getting that fresh resolve to get things done as early as possible.

2. Set a schedule for every single day.

Knowing what you are supposed to be doing for the day, and seeing it in writing gives you a sense of purpose and direction. Get yourself a planner where you can jot down your tasks. There are planners with detailed time sections – go for those so you can specifically write down your goals by the hour.

3. Take things one at a time.

Big to-do’s tend to be set aside simply because they’re overwhelming and time-consuming. Don’t hesitate to break a huge task apart by dealing with it ‘piece by piece’. For example, goal number 1 is to put up your child’s playroom – start by setting today’s goal to ‘purchase kiddie furniture for the playroom’, and the next day’s to ‘sort existing toys’, and then so on and so forth until you see the playroom actually coming along nicely. This way, you achieve part of your big task daily, and eventually getting to finish it, without feeling the daunting pressure of it being a huge undertaking.

4. Make yourself responsible for missing deadlines.

Procrastination hates deadlines, and it also loathes ‘punishment’ for going off the timetable. If there’s a task you missed out on doing because you procrastinated, make yourself accountable by enforcing a self-imposed penalty. Missed to submit a report? Deny yourself that Friday night-out drink. Have a buddy in on your ‘punishment’, so you have someone looking out to ensure that it gets implemented.

We at Novuhair believe that procrastination, big an evil as it may be, can be defeated. All it takes is your conscious effort to make things work.



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