Multi-hyphenate and latest Novuhair brand ambassador Tim Yap certainly knows and lives his style and fashion. Considered as one of the metro’s fashion movers and shakers, the eventologist/host/newspaper editor/creative director/club owner shares with Novu News tips on how to create and achieve your personal brand of style.

1. Have a sense of adventure and dare to experiment. Use your imagination and make dressing up a fun and exciting activity. Don’t b
e afraid of color. “Be bold and confident in mixing different styles and trends, breaking a fashion rule here and there, and expressing your individuality,” the lifestyle editor shares.

2. Visualize your looks. Get a sketch pad and draw the looks you love and want or clip photos and magazine pegs. Unleash your creative self and add your own savvy twist to the different looks around you. “But remember, be original, don’t just copy; and express, don’t impress,” Tim further adds.

3. Create a fashion signature. Have a personal fashion trademark, whether it’s a particular item of clothing or accessory. Tim personally loves jackets and blazers for layering and has more than 100 pieces in his impressive collection. At the Style Origins event in Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro, he was snapped wearing a colorful jacket with a tribal-inspired design.

4. Find your own style council. Think of personalities whose style you admire and make them your own “secret style council.” Whenever faced with a fashion dilemma, play out in your mind what style choices they would make and use this as your style identity guide. Tim considers Andy Warhol, the people who invented the barong, and Mindanao culture as his personal style icons. Fashion blogs are also a good way to keep abreast with the latest trends and knowing what’s hot or not in the fashion world.

5. Always look your best and have the right kind of attitude. Before stepping out of the door, make sure you look clean, polished and presentable and that includes having beautiful and healthy skin and hair. “I never leave the house without fixing my hair,” Tim reveals. But equally important is having the best kind of attitude –
“be positive, be true to yourself, don’t be afraid of what other people will say, and go ahead and express yourself,” Tim says with a beaming smile.





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