Keeping your mane in place while exercising is important. It helps you focus more on your exercise routine, free from unnecessary interruptions like tucking your hair behind the ears or securing stray strands with a pin. So next time you hit the gym or the field, try any of these easy and practical hairstyles, not to mention stylish too, for a better workout experience.

1. The Classic High PonytailThe Classic High Ponytail

To achieve this go-to workout hairstyle, use your fingers to gather hair into a ponytail high on top of your head. Tie it with a snag-free elastic band. You may even jazz it up with a headband right on top of the hairline to keep sweat from dripping on your face.

2. A Twisted Low BunA Twisted Low Bun

Tie hair into a low ponytail and twist it into a coil just on top of your nape. Secure with bobby pins at the end of the hair, close to the scalp. This is ideal for those with short to mid-length hair.

3. Messy Ballerina BunMessy Ballerina Bun

Keep hair off your face and neck by twisting it into a high ballerina bun. Opt for a few loose tendrils or secure them with bobby pins all over. This topknot is perfect for those yoga and other mat exercises that require you to lie on your back.

4. Braids and More BraidsBraids and More Braids

Braids, in all its reincarnations – side braid, French braid, ponytail braid, upside down braid, to mention a few, are also great workout hairstyles. These fun and young hair looks keep the hair off your face, including those wayward bangs and shorter layers. Braids are especially useful under cycling helmets and swimming caps.

5. Bandana-covered HairBandanaTurban

Don a bandana in your favorite color or print and your mane’s ready to work it out. Best for outdoor activities like hiking or running, tying a bandana around your head is a good and fuss-free way to keep the sweat off your face and stop your hair from flying in all directions.

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