Urban Dictionary describes a retrosexual as “a man who spends as little time and money as possible on his appearance.” Retrosexuals are the complete opposite of metrosexuals. They’re the ones you cannot drag into dropping by the dermatologist or going shopping for new clothes, unless everything they have in their closet magically disappears.

But how do you get your retrosexual man to care for his mane? Especially if it concerns receding hair lines or thinning hair. Fanny Serrano, renowned celebrity makeup artist-fashion designer-salon owner and NOVUHAIR®’s first brand ambassador, shares a few tips on how to tread this sensitive topic with your partner.

Compliment Him
Guys are not used to receiving compliments so make sure to pay him one when he’s sporting a nice, new haircut. Or tell him how much you like his thick and shiny hair and how he’s probably using the right shampoo to keep it that way. The more he hears your compliments, the more he will exert an effort on maintaining his appearance.

Don’t Nag and Be Sensitive
Nagging and constant complaining about his hair care routine, or lack thereof, won’t work. It might even do just the exact opposite – he’ll continue to rebel to spite you. So, stick to positive reinforcement and just casually insert pieces of hair care advice during your conversations. Or engage in a light banter with him and subtly let him know that his hair line could be starting to recede. But be careful as receding hair lines and hair loss are highly-sensitive topics among men.

Give Rewards
Got his hair cut on time and even agreed to your suggestion to have a scalp treatment while he’s at it? Be sure to let him know how much you appreciate his effort and cooperation by giving him a reward. It could be as simple as a peck on the cheek right there and then or cooking his favorite dish at dinner or watching his chosen movie for date night instead of the chick flick you’ve been waiting for.

Share Hair Care Products
Rave about your shampoo and conditioner and let him run his fingers through your soft, thick, and shiny hair. Tell him how these are helping prevent premature graying and hair loss. Offer your hair care products for him to try. Especially if it’s packaged in neutral colors and shapes, like NOVUHAIR®, nature’s answer to hair loss, your man won’t be squeamish about using your stuff. And who knows, he might just love them as well.



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