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Hello! i just want to say how effective the product is. I’ve been using it for almost 1 yr, it really stopped my hair loss. Dati mga 50+ strands ang nakikita ko but now not more than 20 nalang. I stopped using it for 3 months kc medyo mahal but below 20 strands parin. Pansin ko din kumapal ang hair ko. I hope others try it too kc effective talaga. I’ll buy again.


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2 thoughts on “jurduja@yahoo.com – Philippines”

  1. I just bought a new one but i’m quite confused as to its application. So, the lotion is applied twice a day right? How about the shampoo? Is it necessary to apply it twice a day too?

    1. Hello Vanna:) It is highly recommended that you use the herbal shampoo when washing your hair prior to using the topical scalp lotion. The herbal shampoo was formulated using the finest herbal extracts, safe to use everyday. But if you opt to use it once a day only, just make sure that you wash your hair really well in order to remove the irritants and excess oils collected during the day. Novuhair herbal shampoo contains virgin coconut oil that helps remove the dirt and condition your hair as well.

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