Studio 23 This is Life with Cory Quirino tackles the Efficacy of Novuhair on Hair Loss

Hair is a living protein, and as with any part of our bodies we must be sure to maintain proper health to optimize the chances of continuing to grow a healthy head of hair. Proper nutrition is vital to hair loss prevention, since the hair is a living and growing part of the body’s system. A healthy balanced diet, exercise, vitamins and herbal hair loss supplements will all aid in your hair loss prevention efforts.

Remember, the restoration of hair growth is not an overnight process. The process takes time regardless of the method chosen. Be patient, even the most effective hair loss products will take at least 3 months to show signs of improvement. Don’t give up, many people have had great success with their hair loss prevention.

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A hair follicle is part of the skin that grows hair by packing old cells together. Attached to the follicle is a sebaceous gland, a tiny sebum-producing gland found everywhere except on the palms, lips and soles of the feet. The thicker density of hair, the more sebaceous glands are found.

Also attached to the follicle is a tiny bundle of muscle fiber called the arrector pili that is responsible for causing the follicle lissis to become more perpendicular to the surface of the skin, and causing the follicle to protrude slightly above the surrounding skin (piloerection). This process results in goose bumps (or goose flesh). Stem cells are located at the junction of the arrector and the follicle, and are principally responsible for the ongoing hair production during a process known as the Anagen Stage.

At the base of the follicle is a large structure that is called the papilla. The papilla is made up mainly of connective tissue and a capillary loop. Cell division in the papilla is either rare or non-existent.

Hair grows in cycles of various phases: Anagen is the growth phase; Catagen is the involuting or regressing phase; and Telogen, the resting or quiescent phase. Each phase has several morphologically and histologically distinguishable sub-phases. Prior to the start of cycling is a phase of follicular morphogenesis (formation of the follicle).

There is also shedding phase, or exogen, that is independent of Anagen and Telogen in which one of several hairs that might arise form a single follicle exits. Normally up to 90% of the hair follicles are in Anagen phase while, 10%-14% are in Telogen and 1%-2% in Catagen.

The cycle’s length varies on different parts of the body. For eyebrows, the cycle is completed in around 4 months, while it takes the scalp 3-4 years to finish; this is the reason eyebrow hairs have a fixed length, while hairs on the head seem to have no length limit. Growth cycles are controlled by a chemical signal like epidermal growth factor.

Join Cory Quirino as she interviews one of the users of Novuhair and get to know more about the excellent results using the treatment.

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Studio 23 This is Life with Cory Quirino Highlights the Efficacy and Safety of Novuhair


One of the many problems men faces today is hair loss which includes baldness, hair fall, receding hair line and other related problems. Good thing, Novuhair comes to rescue. The only brand in the market which uses a unique combination of hair growth stimulators such as virgin coconut oil (VCO), panax ginseng, centella asiatica (goticola), zingiber officinale, aloe barbadensis and biotin. It also has peppermint, lemon grass, rosemary and lavender oils, which means that NOVUHAIR has an all natural ingredients.

Novuhair was formulated by a German scientist who already formulated many famous brands in the market today. Though it was formulated by a German, NOVUHAIR is a proud Philippine produced product and is now exported worldwide including Hongkong, USA, some parts of Europe, Singapore and in the Middle East.

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A Case Series on the Efficacy and Safety of Topical Application of Herbal Extract Mixture of Centella asiatica, Moringa oleifera, Zingiber officinale, Aloe barbadensis, Panax ginseng, Biotin, Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and VCO in preventing progression of pattern hair loss, decreasing hair shedding, inducing hair growth on healthy male and female volunteers with pattern hair loss

Investigator: Ma. Rica S. Mallari, MD, FPDS

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA), or male pattern hair loss, affects approximately 50% of the male population by the age of 50, and is due to progressive shortening of the anagen cycles. It is a medically benign medical issue but poses a significant psychosocial problem for patients. Medical treatments available (ex: minoxidil, finasteride) are mostly expensive and so there is a need for alternative treatment that is cheap and effective, hence, this study was done.

There are anecdotal reports that a combination of these extract mixtures (Moringa, Centella, Patchouli, Aloe vera) induce hair growth in a balding scalp.

This study aimed to determine the efficacy and safety of a herbal extract mixture of Centella asiatica, Moringa oleifera, Zingiber officinale, Aloe barbadensis, Panax ginseng, Biotin, Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and VCO in hair growth induction among males with androgenetic alopecia.

The physicians’ assessment results showed no progression of the hair loss, positive results defined as increased number of hair growth noticeable mostly on the 4th month.


Studio 23 This is Life with Cory Quirino features Novuhair

Socorro Alicia “Cory” Quirino Rastrollo, born August 11, 1953, is a Filipina author, and television and radio host. Additionally, she is the exclusive licensee and national director of Miss World Philippines, a national pageant that searches for Philippines’ representative to the Miss World contest.

Quirino is the third child of Tommy Quirino and Conchita Rastrollo. She is also the granddaughter of Philippine president Elpidio Quirino.

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Cory Quirino – a tri-media personality — has been a strong advocate for natural health, beauty, and wellness for almost 20 years. To share her advocacy, she established stores in several big malls such as at Virra Mall in Greenhills, Escondido Resort in Boracay, and at SM Fairview, Bacoor, North EDSA, and Baguio, the latter being a franchise store.

With the positive response on the Cory Quirino products, the profitability of the stores, and the many inquiries and requests to sell Cory Quirino products under direct selling, in December of 2010, the WOW World of Wellness Direct Sales Corporation was established – to make health, wellness, and beauty products available and affordable.

Seventy-percent of the products are sourced locally, using the best ingredients from the Philippines. Product categories include Sexy You, Juice Power, Premium Health Boosters, Herbal Power, Mushroom Power, Organic Wines, Whitening, Healthy Hair, Age-Defying Line, Skin Pampering Line, Beauty Soaps, Skin Rx Line, Health Protect, and Crystals.

Wealth in wellness is the essence of the entrepreneurial opportunity we are offering at WORLD OF WELLNESS DIRECT SALES.

Conceived in giving the general public an easy access to high quality and truly beneficial natural health, beauty and wellness products that are very affordable was the prime objective of the business.

WORLD OF WELLNESS believes that the real wealth is in our HEALTH and investment on health should be made affordable. The more people who would be able to access this provision, the healthier the nation would be.

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