Take Your Natural Pick In Hair Loss Treatments

Having beautiful hair, whether you’re a man or a woman, takes a high rank in a Filipino’s list of aesthetic priorities. It should be soft, smooth, healthy, and yes – wonderfully thick. Unfortunately, one cannot always have the hair of everyone’s dreams. Worse, some may even be faced with the reality that is hair loss.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, alopecia or hair loss isn’t just for individuals with a Western or European lineage. And instead of the classic response to ‘deny’ receding hairlines and bald patches by covering up with never-subtle wigs and hats, one should consider actually getting treatment for alopecia.

Chemical treatments or over-the-counter medications are increasingly popular, especially since they are easily accessible. While transplants on the other hand are an easy choice for those who can afford it. So how about the everyday person who wants to resolve his hair loss problem in a risk-free yet affordable way?

Well despite the many wonders of technology, truth is, nature has always had the most relatively safe and helpful solutions to a number of our common aesthetic problems. And yes, that include ways to alleviate hair loss conditions.

One of the ways to naturally improve hair growth is by increasing one’s protein intake. Protein provides the essential building blocks to a lot of body functions, including the activity in your hair follicles. Go for a healthy balance of meat (about 2-3 oz. serving per day) as well as other sources like eggs, beans, and dairy products. These also contain omega-3 fatty acids that can give you a healthier scalp.

Another set of vitamins you might want to include in your diet change are iron, zinc, and biotin. These elements are said to nourish as well as strengthen hair roots, and in turn, your hair strands to help prevent hair fall.

Aside from making dietary changes, a natural way of dealing with hair loss involves massaging the scalp with essential oils. This daily practice is said to aid in boosting proper blood circulation in the scalp, thus promoting increased activity within the hair follicles. Essential oils that are said to aid in this everyday routine are lavender, virgin coconut oil, and ginger. Another popular practice of Filipinos is also the application of the ‘juice’ or dagta of the plant aloe barbadensis or sabila on the scalp. It is said to contain a conditioning agent as well as hair growth stimulants and anti-inflammatory properties.

These simple, natural means of preventing hair loss and elevating hair growth levels have been in practice for years – perhaps even decades, and centuries. All you have to do is take your pick. And fortunately, the natural active ingredients of these helpful herbs and elements can now also be conveniently used through a bottled formulation such as Novuhair’s 3-in-1 pack. The pack contains Novuhair Herbal Shampoo, Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, and the new Novuhair Herbal Conditioner – a truly natural yet effective combination of dealing with hair loss.


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