What’s the Difference Between Hair Loss and Hair Shedding?

Some hair loss every day is normal. As it turns excessive, it usually becomes a source of concern. While hair loss and hair shedding are different, both of them can cause intense distress to anyone.

There are three phases of hair growth that can help you understand your hair situation.

  • The first phase is the anagen, where your hair is growing and less likely to fall out. The hair actively grows from the roots about 2 to 8 years. This phase is the period of growth.
  • The catagen phase is when the hair stops growing for a period of 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Telogen is the last phase, where the hair is at rest for about 2 to 3 months and then finally sheds but replaced with new hair, beginning the cycle again. Normally, the telogen phase happens to only 10% of the hair at once.

The hair needs to stay in the anagen phase for optimum hair growth. This can be maintained by using natural-based hair loss prevention products and supported with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is medically known as alopecia. The early warning signs of hair loss include excessive hair shedding, thinning hair and bald patches. Hair loss happens when something prevents the hair from growing. Medically this is called anagen effluvium. Some of the causes include hereditary hair loss, immune system dysfunction, certain drugs and treatments, tight hairstyles and harsh haircare products.

The best hair growth remedy for hair loss is to stop what’s causing it. People who are suffering from hair loss due to radiation treatments can regrow their hair once all the treatments are done. Some types of hair loss need treatment particularly if you are suffering from hereditary hair loss or androgenetic alopecia.

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What is Hair Shedding?

It is normal to shed 50 to 100 hair strands a day, more than that can be considered as excessive hair shedding known as telogen effluvium and normally stops on its own. The common causes of hair shedding are extreme weight loss, too much stress, childbirth, menopause, hormonal imbalance, among other things.

Fortunately, most hair shedding cases are only temporary and the normal hair growth cycle reverts over a few months. Certain home remedies for hair fall are also available to help regrow the hair faster or even prevent further loss of hair.

The Difference Between Hair Loss and Hair Shedding

Hair shedding is a natural process of the hair growth cycle. From time to time, a person may experience excessive hair shedding. However, the hair can regrow over time especially if coupled with a safe hair fall solution. Hair loss, on the other hand, is when something stops the hair from growing. Hair loss prevention and treatment depends on the cause.


If you are suffering from hair loss or excessive hair shedding, a natural hair treatment is definitely a good option to help promote healthy hair growth.

NOVUHAIR® is the leading hair loss treatment in the Philippines and formulated with 19 of nature’s finest herbal extracts and essential oils that work in synergy to help reduce and prevent hair loss. With NOVUHAIR’s gentle ingredients, you can be confident that your hair and scalp is safe and free from any unwanted side effects.


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