Championing nature’s answer to hair loss

If there were an expert on beauty and hair care credible enough to champion beauty-related advocacies, it could be no other than Fanny Serrano – especially when it comes to hair loss. Like us ordinary folks, Fanny has also had his share of bad hair days, enough to know what it’s like to dip in a bit of misery for a moment and feel desperate for a solution. With fate constantly on his side, though, Fanny has also managed to make it through the ordeal a stronger person – and, also, armed with something new to offer.

Fanny was at the peak of his career when he began to lose his hair. The truth would greet him in the morning, as a clump of hair on his pillow; in the shower, as blockage to the drain; and at his own salon, as undeniable evidence on the palm of his stylist’s hand. Panic set in with the truth, and in no time Fanny was looking for a solution.

Herbal shampoos and scalp ointments, specially concocted solutions in pricy vials, products from the local market and far abroad – whatever was available, and promised to keep his hair from falling off his head, Fanny tried it, and to utter dismay. Not one solved the problem for him. Soon, he’d given up and looking, and instead focused his energy on having a wig fashioned for him. It didn’t bring him any confidence, but it did hide the problem.

And then a day like any other arrives, though one with a special occurrence: Fanny stumbled upon Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion. Believing he had nothing left to lose, he tried it, and two weeks into using Novuhair, Fanny was glad he did. Novuhair worked, and Fanny had found what he’d been looking for.

What is it about Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion that makes it work?

Why, no other than nature’s very own ingredients: a blend that includes moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, biotin, aloe barbadensis, and the essential oils of rosemary, lavender, peppermint, lemon grass, and virgin coconut.

With this all-natural blend, Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion helps improve blood circulation to the scalp and increase nutrition to hair follicles, detoxifying the scalp, eliminating dandruff, and ultimately, stimulating hair growth and remedying excessive hair loss.

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion comes in a humble, 200mL bottle, from which all you need to do is apply it twice a day by massaging an ample amount onto your scalp after taking a bath or rinsing your hair.

Now armed with nature’s very own answer to hair loss, Fanny takes to heart his role and responsibility in sharing the word. Many times in the past, he had been unable to answer clients’ questions on what to do about hair loss – but that’s no longer true for today. When it comes to advocating hair care to both men and women, especially those with difficulty holding on to their mane, Fanny refers them to only one product – that is, the one that works for him: Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion.

Novuhair is available at all Mercury Drug, Watsons, Rose Pharmacy, South Star Drug, Manson Drug, NCCC (Davao and Palawan) and Cory Quirino World of Wellness Stores nationwide, and online on Call 413-6570 or 0922-883-0575 and visit for more details.


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10 thoughts on “Championing nature’s answer to hair loss”

  1. hi!i’m chari and im 24,i just want to ask where can i take my consultation regarding my problem on hair you have recommended clinics in batangas that can prescribed the answer to hair loss?

    1. Hello Chari:) Thanks for the inquiry. Currently, we don’t have any free hair and scalp analysis conducted outside Metro Manila. However, you may check at https://www.novuhair.coma and click NEWS & EVENTS to check the monthly free clinic schedules. I think the nearest venue is Alabang Town Center. Have a great week ahead!

  2. Another question, please !…I just started using Novuhair Topical Solution, can I use a hair spray containing SD Alcohol 40-B ? Please advise me accordingly asap. Thanks

    1. Hello Romulo:) Congratulations for the right decision to start your Novuhair treatment. We don’t recommend the use of any hair products that contain alcohol. You may use water-based products instead and maximize the investment you’ve placed on the product.

    1. Hello Ivan 🙂 Thank you for your inquiry. Novuhair active ingredients are natural, mixing natural componets and chemical base product might create another problem due to unwanted reactions.

  3. hi!how about if you are already bald,is there any chance that my hair will grow back (front area) if I use this product??

    1. Hello Jonathan:) Thanks for the inquiry. Male Pattern Hair Loss, as it is more commonly called, is affecting more than 50% of the American male population. And sadly, even Asians are not spared of this eventuality. To shed light on your case, let’s come up with realistic expectations. Honestly, I can’t jump into conclusions or any assumptions because I haven’t seen the actual condition of your scalp, just like what medical doctors would normally say. But based on our daily hair and scalp analysis which we conduct in major drugstores here in the Philippines, the “shiny or smooth” scalp that you refer to often times make us conclude that the hair follicles have shrinked and the openings or pores where the hair sprout are considered closed. This is why some people resort to surgery to transplant the hair. But don’t be sad. There’s still hope for the remaining hair follicles that are still open. Normally these are the areas where the hair is thin and at a closer look, you’ll find out that only about 1-2 hair strands are growing. It is here where Novuhair can help you nourish these areas so as not to prematurely fall. Again, realistic expectations… the time to restore these areas will depend on the extent of the thinning and the commitment that you’ll give on the product. I have been using Novuhair for the last 17 months. I’ve used it because I am experiencing the same fate:) Check out my photos and you will see that there’s a significant change that happened which motivated me to continue using Novuhair. I didn’t know that something positive is happening but when my friends started to notice it, it simply made me happy. Check my photos at

      I highly recommend that you visit any of our FREE hair and scalp analysis conducted in selected drugstore chains, in order to help you monitor the progress of your Novuhair treatment. We post monthly our schedule at NEWS & EVENTS section, check our schedule at

      For more information, you may also visit our Facebook Fan Page at or follow us on twitter @NovuhairUpdates.

  4. can i ask if Novuhair can treat baldness? im only 22 years old and the distance of my hair is far from each other. please answer my query. thank you.

    1. Hello Raz 🙂 Thanks for the inquiry. Definitely it’s a yes! I commend you for acknowledging the fact that your hair needs extra attention now more than ever. You’ve gone to the first step. The next step is to consider your options in treating your hair. You may go for chemical-based brands or go natural. I recommend that you go natural! Novuhair has been proven to be safe and effective. The natural ingredients found on Novuhair have been proven and used for centuries to address hair problems. If you don’t address your hair thinning now, sooner or later, you’ll be spending more than you ever thought just to treat your hair or worst, go for surgery. Hair thinning may eventually lead to balding but with the use of Novuhair, this will nourish your hair and scalp and eventually result to healthier strands. Grab a bottle now and start restoring your hair.

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