Novuhair for the Holidays!

In case you haven’t experienced it for yourself, this is what it’s like to suffer terrible, premature hair loss (or hair loss, period): it’s unusually baffling, somewhat embarrassing, and ultimately, downright frustrating.

Just ask Fanny Serrano, the beauty and hair care guru who owns his own salon. The Make-Up Artist To The Stars, who had been working in the industry as a young adult, building a name for himself early on in life, had not so much a brush with graying hair when he began to notice handfuls of hair strands filling his pillow every morning. He was in his 40s, enjoying the fruits of his labor, and yet: was his hair industry-success to be short-lived, given his slow but sure loss of hair? “How will I promote hair when I no longer have hair?” Fanny recalls despairing.

This, a single event nestling as the tip of an iceberg, is what led to Fanny’s long but futile search for a remedy that actually works. From the most herbal of topical medicines to the most ridiculously expensive of concoctions, Fanny left not a brand and product untried and untested. And all ultimately resulted in failure: none of them worked.

None until that one chance encounter with what was called Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion. With nothing but time and the last of his enthusiasm left to lose, Fanny gave it a passing try.

This time, however, a passing try was all it took to get to the bottom of problematic hair fall.

To cut the long story short, Fanny found it that fateful day, though it was one that took two more weeks to unravel itself in full. He had found the remedy he was looking for, in a humble bottle of Novuhair. Two weeks since stumbling upon Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, slowly, but surely, his hair begun to grow back.

Now, in case you won’t be able to tell for yourself just yet, we suggest you give this a try instead: gift a relative, or a friend, or a loved one suffering from hair loss with Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion. During this season of giving, there is nothing like a gift that fills both a need and a want – in this case, the need for an effective hair fall solution, and the want for the regrowth of healthy hair. And knowing how frustrating it could be to suffer from excessive hair loss, why not be the heaven-sent gift to your loved one by offering them the solution to their problem?

Take our word for it: for every one you care about who’s suffering from hair loss, you can’t go wrong with gifting Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion. It need not be Christmas; it could be the bang that will open the New Year.

Still not convinced? Try giving Fanny a call and asking him for yourself.


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