Andrew Wolff – Mr. World 2012 1st Runner-up – Philippines

Andrew Wollf testimonial

I’m 6 feet and two inches, 27-year old, half-British, half-Filipino, a model, actor and Rugby player, Philippines Volcanoes-member and Mr. World 2012 Runner-up.

I’ve inherited my receding hairline from my dad. Hailing from a family with a history of alopecia, the “fear” of losing my ‘crowning glory’ is founded on a great possibility. Alopecia generally refers to loss of hair on the body or head, and is more popularly referred to as baldness. Some of the causes include diabetes, fungal infections, iron deficiency, hormonal changes, and yes, it can also be hereditary.

Role model ka, you always have to look good, so dapat ma-maintain yung hindi lang balat, pati dapat hair mo. And in these times of chemicals and advanced technologies, my option of finding a natural answer to thinning hair is just as admirable.

So when I’ve learned of nature’s tried, tested and proven solution – Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion – from my friend Fanny Serrano, I’ve tried it in a heartbeat. It contains natural ingredients like the essential oils of lavender, virgin coconut, peppermint, lemon grass, and rosemary, moringa oleifera, aloe barbadensis, as well as panax ginseng and biotin. And since it was conveniently available in both scalp lotion and herbal shampoo formulations, I was able to easily incorporate its use to my daily routine.

And it worked…

My improved hair condition gave me an awesome confidence boost to shine in the 2012 Mr. World pageant, and made me the ‘man of the hour’. And just like everyone else, I’ve found the best hair solution in the most ideal source: nature.


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